Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Certified Digital Marketing Professional

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Become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional From a Canadian institution


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What this Course Will Cover ?

☑️☑️ Facebook/Instagram Marketing 

☑️☑️ Google Marketing 

☑️☑️  YouTube Marketing 

☑️☑️  Email Marketing 






Facebook/Instagram Marketing 

  • 1- Setup Facebook/Instagram Business manager 

  • 2- Setup Facebook/Instagram Pixel

  • 3- Learning how to create All type of Campaigns Objective, Conversions, Traffic , Brand Awareness, Lead Generations , etc

  • 4-How to attach the Audience emotionally 

  • 5- How to write an effective ad copy with the right hoc

  • 6- How to test a new Audience 

  • 7- How to read Facebook/Instagram data and kill or scale adsets

  • 8- step by step how to use each campaign objective 

  • 9- How to use warm audience and create Lookalike audience and re target custom audience .

  • 10- The secrets of how to scale your Business to Generate 6 or 7 Figure monthly Income 

You will gain my +7 years of Facebook/Instagram marketing which will allow you to open Your own Marketing agency 


🧣💪 Google/YouTube Marketing

  • 1- How to setup Google ad Manager 
  • 2- How to setup Google Analytics 
  • 3- How Link Google ad manager to Google Analytics
  • 4- How create all different kind of Google campaigns
  • YouTube , Google Shopping, Console ads etc
  • 5- How to read and analyse your audience data
  • 6- How to use warm Audience and re target them using different campaigns
  • 7 - How to set your Google Marketing budget and goals
  • 8- How to create a Marketing Circle linked with your Facebook and Google campaign

 🌎📧Email Marketing 

  • 1- How to get leads from Facebook/Instagram and use them as warm audience for your Email Marketing campaigns
  • 2- what is the effective tools to use in your Email Marketing campaigns 
  • 3- How to keep your warm audience engaged with the new offers and create a loyal customers (Clients) and Increase your ROI

🎥More than 40 Hours of Learning🎥 

Your Coach & Mentor 


Walid Attia the CANADIAN/EGYPTIAN COACH says “A little over 7 years ago, I was just like you with a head full of big dreams but unsure of how to make them a reality. Over that time, I’ve learned how to start my own online businesses. I’ve built online businesses and dominated paid traffic with my marketing strategies.  




What is The Outcome 

  • 1- Open your own Marketing agency and start earning money from running another people campaigns 
  • 2- Apply at any job require Digital marketing experience , as you will gain an expert level from this course
  • 3- market your own business (E-commerce , physical business , Free lancer ,etc)




Course Reviews

I have started this course with zero knowledge about the e-commerce and the dropshipping, but know i have learned a lot through the course, how to make my own store, how to choose the right product to sell, how to reach the suppliers, and the steps of the digital marketing through ads. Additionaly, it made me know more people where we support and help each other. Besides all of this Mr. Walid is really a good coach in everything from lifestyle, and habbit of successful people .

Shaima Fouad

Best course ever , Amazing & very valuable 

Anas Mohamed

Highly recommended for all  , Really this course change your mind
Make you another person 

Shady Shams

This course is excellent. Thank you Walid for being straight to the points and giving me all the helpful tips and secrets that you use. I would definitely recommend for anyone who wants to change their life.  

Tymour Talid

Big thanks , This course is really helpful for any one want to get involved in the droppshipping field, it contains detailed information and secrets about e-commerce and marketing.

Hossam Saleh

The best instructor ever , I was waiting the chance to start over And improve myself. When I found this course it's content very useful ND the best part of it the lecturer make u on fire always by motivating you with positive energy AND changing ur mood better AND better
One day gonna make u proud of me when I reach the sky
Thanks Walid for ur support ND UR content really I appreciate it ❤️

Mahmoud Radi

its a great and useful 

Yehia Hebeish