Platinum Package (PartnerShip)

Platinum Package (PartnerShip)

Platinum Package (PartnerShip)

Regular price $500.00

1- Choose a trending niche 

2- New Domain

3- Stunning Logo

4-  Stunning and trustworthy store with a premium theme 

5- Sign a partnership contact with Ecommerce Matrix.

6- Ecomerce will provide all the products to test 

7- The client Must create an ad account to be run by Ecommerce Experts

8- all the ads payment will be paid by the client by his or her own ad account.

7- testing 1 product every week or more.

8- when winning product is found, Ecommerce Matrix is responsible for the scaling process until reaching the maximum Profit from the Product

9- The profit after ads costs and any other costs (store fees, etc) will be split as 70 % client and 30 $ Ecomm Matrix.

10- The store will be owned by both the client and the eCommerce Matrix.

11- Monthly payment of 250 $

12- 2 payment required upon start

30 Days Money Back Gaurntee